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About Farmer Armour

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SunnyB started in a kitchen on a farm in the middle of South Africa. Today, after many years, the dream of producing a great-tasting sunflower seed butter has finally become a reality. Now from a village in Mid Canterbury New Zealand, SunnyB is ready to become a firm favourite in every home.


Initially created to provide an alternative for those with nut allergies, SunnyB has won over even some hardened peanut butter lovers!

A wonderful addition to your nut butter collection, loaded with healthy vitamin E and anti-oxidant properties.

The entire process is a family affair and our products are lovingly made in a dedicated facility free of all tree nuts, peanuts, and other common allergens.


Credit must be given to my 13 year old daughter for creating the "Farmer Armour" man on our logo and to my 16 year old son who together with a designer has designed the label and who does all of the photography for the pictures of the products.

As a family, we take great care to support responsible practices around protecting the environment and recycling. With this in mind, we do our best to make use of recycled or eco-friendly packaging. After careful consideration, we have chosen to use high quality, locally made, recyclable PET jars to bottle our SunnyB in.

One of our main future goals is for SunnyB to be a fully New Zealand made product using locally grown sunflower seeds.

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What is the best way to use SunnyB?

Use any of our SunnyB butters just as you would peanut butter. Whether on a sandwich or in your baking, SunnyB is a great nut-free alternative.

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