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Shipping & Returns



Congratulations on your purchase! All our products are shipped within 48 hours and

depending on your location, you should receive them within 3 - 5 business days. We choose NZ Post and all our packaging choices are with sustainability and the environment in mind. Please dispose of the packaging mindfully. 




If you are here then something from your recent purchase is not to your liking. Firstly, our Sunny B Butter is handmade so please allow for slight imperfections. These should in no way compromise the use of the product itself.  If you find that you cannot reasonably use the product you purchased as intended then please submit an email to and we will be happy to work with you on rectifying any issues.




We offer a couple of payment methods to make your purchase easier.  You can either pay securely with any Debit / Credit Card you choose.  It's YOUR choice.




WOW, we are thrilled you are interested in looking into stocking our products.  Please email us at for further discussions.

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